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Music Lover Accessories

Music slider bracelet, music travel mug and sports bottle, music label button, music zipper pulls and clip-ons, music hair ties, and music stress relievers.

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Charms for Shoes, Keychains, Binders and More!

Specializing in charms for music, dance and theater! Everyday designs also available.
( See "
Charms" section of this website for detailed information. )

Music Slider Bracelet

"Music" rhinestone sliders on bracelet band. Letters slide independently to adjust for different wrist sizes. Lots of bling! White gift box available.

Choice of band colors: black, periwinkle blue, pink or white.
SLIDER-34492 Price:   $12.95    ( $1.00 Gift Box, see below )
Select Band Color:  

Music Slider Bracelet - Gift Box

White gift box for Music Slider Bracelets.
Price:   $1.00 /each with purchase of Music Slider Bracelet(s)

G-Clef Lapel Pin

G-clef lapel pin, 1 1/8" in length. Gold-plated lapel pin with mini top hat and cane set ( hard plastic ). A wonderful gift for the young music enthusiast.
TOPHATSET-PIN,  Price:   $3.95

Music Car Caddy

Stainless steel music car caddy, 6.5 in.
#610128,  Price:   $12.95

Music Shuttle Mug

Music shuttle mug for hot or cold beverages with flip-lock closure lid ( 20 oz. size, graphite with gold print ).
#610129,  Price:   $9.95

Music Travel Mug

Music travel mug for hot or cold beverages ( 22 oz. size, 7" h x 4 1/4" w, white with black ).

CLOSE-OUT ITEM: 2 mugs remaining in stock.
#C655,  Price:   $5.50

Music Sports Bottle

Music sports bottle for cool beverages ( 20 oz. size, 8.5" h, clear with black print ).
#610127,  Price:   $3.85

"Music Is My Bag" Clip

Music is my Bag clip.
#11504,  Price:   $2.25

Small Piano Key Bag Clip

Small piano key bag clip ( 1.5" x 2.25" ).
#11501,  Price:   $1.25

"I Love Music" Button

I Love Music lapel button, 1 3/4" diameter.
#C1110,  Price:   $1.25

"I Love Piano" Button

I Love Piano lapel button, 1 3/4" diameter.
#C1111,  Price:   $1.25

"When Words Fail, Music Speaks" Button

When Words Fail, Music Speaks lapel button, 1 3/4" diameter.
#721146,  Price:   $1.25

"Hug a Musician They Never Get to Dance" Button

Hug a Musician, They Never Get to Dance lapel button, 1 3/4" diameter.
#721147,  Price:   $1.25

Music Zipper Clips

Music clip-ons for zippers, keyrings, backpacks, luggage, etc.
( 1.5" x 1.5", soft white rubber ).
Available in:
"I Love Music"    Price:   $1.65
"I Love Piano"    Price:   $1.65
"I Love to Sing"    Price:   $1.65
"I Love Dance"    Price:   $1.65

G-Clef Zipper Clip

G-clef zipper clip for zippers, keyrings, backpacks, luggage, etc. ( soft white rubber with black print, white pull measures 1 3/8", overall length 2 1/4" ).
#15600,  Price:   $1.25

Music Hair Ties

Music hair ties custom-made in the USA.

See "Music Hair Ties" section for currently available fabric choices.
HTB-100,  Price:   $2.50
Select Fabric Scheme:  

Music Stress Toys

Gold-tone stress relievers in music note or g-clef design.
  • Music Note Stress Toy, 5" h x 2.25" w, #400027
  • G-Clef Stress Toy, 5.14" h x 2.75" w, #400029
#400027 or #400029,  Price:   $3.95
Select Design:  

Grand Piano Stress Toy

Grand piano stress toy measures 3 x 3.25 in.
#400032,  Price:   $4.65