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Works for Orchestra with Soloist(s) or Chorus

Prices are for scores only unless otherwise noted. If price is for score only, call about purchase of parts or rental.

Due to the frequent violation of copyright laws, there are NO RETURNS ON SHEET MUSIC ORDERS.

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All That I Am
Orchestra with Chorus

A hymn by Still which was orchestrated by Ray Anthony Delia.
Instrumentation: 2-2-3-1; 3-2-3-0; hp., str., chorus, SATB.
Duration: 2 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $10.70

And They Lynched Him on a Tree
Orchestra with Soloists and Chorus

Instrumentation: 2(2nd ad picc.)-2-EH-2-2; 3-3-3-1; timp., susp. cymb., hp., str., double mixed chorus, SATB, narrator, cont. soloist. ( Orchestra can be replaced with piano. )
Duration: 17:24 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $31.95 Conductor's Score

Caribbean Melodies
Orchestra with Soloists and Chorus

Instrumentation: drums, tom-toms, vegetable grater, rattle, pno., chorus, SATBB, dancers, 6 soloists ( 2 sop., mezzo, cont., ten., bar. )
Duration: 60 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $27.20 Score

Christmas in the Western World
Orchestra with Chorus

Also titled LAS PASCUAS:
  a) A Maiden was Adoring God, the Lord,
  b) Ven, Nino Divino,
  c) Aguinaldo,
  d) Jesous Ahatonhia,
  e) Tell Me, Shepherdess,
  f) De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy,
  g) Los Reyes Magos,
  h) La Pinata,
  i) Glad Christmas Bells,
  j) Sing, Shout, Tell the Story!
Instrumentation: string orchestra, pno., chorus; or, quartet, pno., chorus.
Duration: 20 min.s.
( If you experience any difficulties in obtaining this sheet music from Peer Music, please contact us at WGS Music. )

Orchestra with Soloist

Instrumentation: string orchestra, pno., voice.
Duration: 2 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $26.90 Score

A Deserted Plantation
Orchestra with Solo Piano(s)

A suite: a) Yistiddy - An' Today, b) Spiritual, c) Young Missy, d) Dance.
Prepared for publication by Dr. Dane Teter.
Instrumentation #1: 2-2-EH-4-4saxes-1; 1-3-3-1; timp., perc., banjo/guitar, hp., pno., str..
Instrumentation #2: fl., ob., 3clar., EH, 4saxes; 0-3-3-1; perc., banjo/guitar, cel. 2pnos, strs..
Duration: 19 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Instr #1  Price: $35.00 Score
Instr #2  Price: $35.00 Score

The Devotion of a People
Orchestra with Soloist (?)

A Spiritual collection for piano and orchestra. This work is missing from archives.

Dismal Swamp
Orchestra with Soloist

Instrumentation: 3(3rd ad picc.)-2-EH-4-3(3rd ad contrab.); 4-3-3-1; timp., perc., vibrap., trian., drums, cymbs, solo pno., str..
Duration: 15 min.s, Publisher: CFI.

Orchestra with Harp Soloist


From a Lost Continent
Orchestra with Soloists and Chorus

Instrumentation: 2-1-2-2; 0-0-0-0; timp., bells, chime, trian., maracas, sn. drum, tom-tom, susp. cymb., hp., str., chorus, SATB, sop. and ten. soloists.
Duration: 15 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $21.80 Score

From the Hearts of Women
Orchestra with Soloist

a) Little Mother, b) Coquette, c) Midtide, d) Bereft.
Instrumentation: string orchestra, hp., sop.; or, fl., ob., pno., quartet, sop.
Other versions available: voice and pno., 2 hps. and fl., 2 hps. and clar., and flute choir (as arranged by Emily Brown for soprano and nine flutes).
Duration: 9 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Original Orch Score Price:   $27.20
Voice & piano score Price:   $18.90
2 Hps-Flute Price:   $45.85
2 Hps-Clarinet Price:   $45.85
Flute Choir score and parts Price:   $89.90

Glory to the Newborn King
Orchestra with Chorus

An excerpt from an early version of CHRISTMAS IN THE WESTERN WORLD.
Instrumentation: string orchestra, pno., chorus, SATB..
Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $5.75  P-V Score

Orchestra with Soloist

An orchestration of GRIEF for solo voice and piano. [Originally titled "Weeping Angel" by the composer.]
Instrumentation: 2-2-2-2; 3-0-2-1; cel., hp., str., sop. soloist.
Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $10.00 Score

Here's One
Orchestra with Soloist and Chorus

William Grant Still's arrangement of the Spiritual for voice.
Instrumentation: fl., pno., str., mez. or chorus, SATB.
Versions are also available for viola and string orchestra; fl., pno., quartet; chorus, SATB, pno., mezzo sop. solo or divisi; med. voice, pno.; violin and pno.
Duration: 4 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $14.95 Score

Here's One (Arrangement)
Orchestra with Soloist and Chorus

An arrangement of Still's version of the Spiritual by Neal Gittleman for voice, flute, clarinet, harp and strings.
Duration: 4 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $16.95 Score (Parts on Rental)

Here's One: A Still Medley (Arrangement)
Orchestra with Soloist

An arrangement of Still's version of the Spiritual by Sheldon Bair for orchestra and vocal soloist.
Instrumentation: 2-1-EH-2-2; 2-2-2-1(op.); timp. cymb., sn. dr., hp. or pno., str., mezzo or bar. soloist.
Duration: 4 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
( Review CD available. )
Price: $16.95 Score (Parts on Rental)

Jungle Drums
Orchestra with Chorus

An early, substandard work by Phil Boutelje, with some orchestration sketched in by Still; only the piano-conductor sketch remains.
Instrumentation: orchestra and chorus. Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $10.00 Piano-Conductor's Sketch

Orchestra with Piano Solo

Instrumentation: 3(3rd ad picc.)-2-EH-4-2; 4-3-3-1; timp., perc., str., solo pno.
A version of this piece is also available for 2 pianos.
Duration: 13 min.s, Publisher: CFI.

Price: $19.95 Score

Levee Land
Orchestra with Soloist

The piece made famous by Florence Mills, recently restored from photostats; a) Levee Song, b) Hey-Hey, c) Croon, d) The Backslider.
Instrumentation: 0-0-3-1; alt. sax.; drums, ten. banjo, pno., 2 v., sop.
Duration: 10 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $42.95 Score

Lift Every Voice and Sing
Orchestra with Chorus

A piece by J. Rosamond Johnson, arranged by Still.
Instrumentation: fl., pno., str..
Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $14.95 Score

The Little Song That Wanted To Be A Symphony
Orchestra with Soloists

Instrumentation: 2(2nd ad picc.)-2(2nd ad EH)-2-2; 3-3-2-1; timp., bells, glock., xylo., slap stick, maracas, castanets, trian., tamb., wood blk., drums, cymbs., hp., cel., str., narrator, 3 sop., or str. substit.
(Parts also available for fl. 3, EH, bass cl., horn 4, trom. 3.)
Duration: 19 min.s, Publisher: CFI.

(If you are unable to acquire the music from Carl Fischer, please contact William Grant Still Music.)

The Path of Glory
Orchestra with Soloist

a) Prologue, b) Invocation, c) Call to Battle, d) Judgment, e) Elegy.
Instrumentation: 3-2-EH-3-2; 4-3-3-1; timp., perc., hp., str., bass bar. soloist.
Duration: 15 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $34.40 Score

Plain-Chant for America
Orchestra with Soloist and Chorus

Instrumentation: 3(3rd ad picc.)-2-EH-3-2; 4-3-3-1; timp., drums, cymbs., hp., str., mixed chorus, SATB, or bar. soloist.
Duration: 10 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Conductor's score Price:   $14.95
P-V score Price:   $7.50 for 6
Orch., P-V Score Price:   $13.50 for 6

Preludes 1-5
Orchestra with Soloist

Instrumentation: strings, flute and piano.
Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $21.50 Score

Promised Land
Orchestra with Soloist

Sacred cantata by Frederick Martens, music by Still; only the sketch remains from the composer's journal. Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $14.95 Sketch

A Psalm for the Living
Orchestra with Chorus

Instrumentation: 2-2-2-2; 4-2-2-1; perc., hp., pno., str., mixed chorus, SATB.
Duration: 10 min.s, Publisher: Bourne.

( Contact Bourne for rental. )
Price: $42.5 SATB score x10

Orchestra with Soloist (or Chorus)

a. Pastorale, b. Romance, c. Lullaby, d. Paean.
Instrumentation: 2-2-EH-2-2; 3-3-2-1; timp., sm. trian., bell, cymbs., hp., cel., str., sop. soloist or chorus, SATB.
A version for soprano (in A-major) with strings and piano is available, as edited by Louise Toppin.
Versions of this piece are also available for color. sop. and pno., or quartet, pno., and sop. soloist, or chorus and pno, or voice, piano and strings in the key of A or the key of Bb.
Duration: 15 min.s, Publisher: WGSM.
Price: $26.90 Score